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Jack and I met in college and became friends instantly. I admired his adventurous spirit and was grateful for the many times he pushed me out of my comfort zone to explore abandoned buildings or climb a crazy cliff to find a gorgeous place to take photos! He is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I’ve ever met.
Jack met Hala through mutual friends at a cabin where they would later spend their honeymoon! He knew she was the one early on, as she practically sparkles the moment you meet her. This girl is as sweet as sugar, she is athletic, stunningly beautiful (on the inside AND out) and is a humble and Godly woman. Jack got in touch with me letting me know he was going to propose to her and immediately I knew I HAD to photograph it! I hid under an abandoned boat covered in a million bugs and photographed as Jack rowed Hala in a boat straight out of The Notebook around the cove near her parent’s house in Cape Cod where she grew up and proposed to her during a picnic he had set up on a secluded little beach. While all of this was happening his team of “magical minions” (Hala’s sisters and parents) were at home putting together a party for 30+ people, so when Jack returned with his FIANCE, they would have a huge celebration to welcome them!  It was perfect. There were lots of happy tears. Lots.
When I met Hala, I knew she was perfect for Jack. I felt like we had been friends for years, and I could hardly contain the joy my heart felt to know that my sweet friend had found such an amazing gal to spend his life with.
Anyone who was at their wedding will tell you it was an absolute fairytale.  And not in the cliche “I’m a wedding photographer and every wedding is a fairytale” kind of way. Their love is something from the movies. You know, the old school movies where love was something so pure and selfless and beautiful. The love where two people just can’t imagine life any other way than to live it together. That’s their love.  They are amazing individuals, but as a team they are unstoppable.  The way he holds her, the way she giggles when she sees him, these are the things movies are made of.
I could go on for hours about the perfection of each and every detail of their wedding, but I think I’ll just let the images do the talking from here on.
Jack and Hala, here is your story…

Venue: Quonquont Farm
Venue Coordinator: Jennelle Wilkins
Bride’s Dress: BHLDN
Groom and Groomsmen attire: J Crew
Flowers:  Joann Sparks
Hair: Carly Keafer
Wedding Planner: Hattie Coker
Dessert: Vermont Country Deli
DJ: Joel and Julia Spruance
Catoring: Pete the Butcher



  • Jenny

    Beautiful pictures! This is my dress as well. Did you find it tough to hold the train up all night for dancing? I love the train but don’t want to bustle it so I’m considering cutting it….ReplyCancel

    • Hey Jennifer! Thanks so much for your comment! I just got in touch with Hala, the bride, and she said DO NOT CUT IT OFF! She said it was super easy and totally worth holding the train up (she didn’t bustle hers either) to have the beauty of the dress in all it’s glory! From a photographer’s perspective, it’s a beautiful addition to the dress–and I didn’t notice Hala being held up by it at all either! Good luck!ReplyCancel